Automatic Direct Debit Address Change

(John Biondini) #1

Hi all,
I search this and didn’t find any result, I hope I haven’t missed it!
I might have to move house in few months and as usual, I will have to contact each provider (banks, utilities, 3rd party companies) to update my address.
How good would it be if once I change my address in Monzo, Monzo automatically contacts our Direct Debits providers or even better the Royal Mail Redirect service and ask for the address change?


Which costs money!

(John Biondini) #3

I know, but sometimes when you have just 1 month to move it’s quite hard to get all the providers up to date and make sure everything is sent to the new address.


I once moved 8 times in 5 years so had multiple redirections all running at the same time :wink:

(John Biondini) #5

Ah! That doesn’t sound fun! I moved 3 years ago and used which was quite good although some company did want to double check with me before changing the address.

(Peter Roberts) #6

Do they chain @anon44204028? I have a double current account switch redirect going ATM. HSBC -> Halifax -> TSB


Yes they can chain them :wink: