Automated Finance Optimiser "Bean" - plans to support?

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I just found out about Bean, a new service that offers to connect to all of your banks, credit card providers etc and continuously find ways to save money, such as on unused subscriptions etc. I signed up to have a poke around and it looks interesting, but there are some concerns around whether the way it accesses your financial information (some banks are down with it, others may even find you in violation of your T&Cs for doing so).

I had a quick poke around and it supports my smelly old legacy bank, but no sign of Monzo. I realise that Monzo itself may well be intending to implement some of the features that make up Bean’s value proposition, so I guess it’s an open question whether the twain shall ever meet (hence this post!) Thinking about it, Monzo could do exactly the same - there’s no technical reason why it shouldn’t be any more difficult than say, accessing your other email accounts from Gmail or a similar service - Monzo could eventually hook into smelly legacy banks and credit card providers in a similar way, but I’m not sure if that’s music to the ears of our friendly Knights of Monzo or not. Of course, there are lots of things to consider here, not least privacy and security issues. But I thought I’d mention it as a search didn’t bring anything up except about coffee beans… mmm, coffee.

So, anyone using Bean? Might Monzo one day support being accessed by such a service? Might Monzo even want to be such a service?

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Monzo has an API in beta now and will eventually have something available for sites like Bean to connect to (there seem to be lots of them now). That’s entirely up to that site to support when it’s available.

Your other question has been discussed at Other bank accounts in your Monzo App?

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