Auto move/prompt to move savings to highest rate

At the risk of Monzo feeling like a legacy bank that doesn’t bother switching you to their best savings rates, why can’t we have a feature / process that’s checking your money is in the best % pot available, and if not with a single click take you to the normal sign up steps of the new account.

Especially for the ones where everything is the same except the % and the company offering it?

Might even increase competition for the savings providers and get them to up their rates !


I reckon auto-move won’t work as you have to sign an agreement with each partner bank when you place your money with them.

Prompt would be good though.

Prompt plus ability to switch between products would be helpful - even if manual rather than automatic.

Currently (I believe) to ‘switch’ between easy access accounts, one would need to delete the pot -> wait for funds to be returned to the main account -> create a new savings pot -> re-point any automated payment flows. Flipping an existing pot between savings products and/or regular pots would be a welcome improvement.


I think a good fix would be to just go into the pot, click on current supplier. Select new supplier from a list Monzo does the rest of the switching.

Would be a great feature!


This sounds similar to the feature suggested here: