Auth process

(Kelvin Williams) #1

Can someone tell me how Auth Holds should work. I used :mondo: for Sainsbury’s petrol pay at pump on Saturday and had a £1 Auith transaction placed, but nothing for the amount spent (I failed to get receipt but it was about £24). Do I eventually get the true transaction amount placed and the Auth reversed or should the real transaction have appeared?

(Colin Robinson) #2

Real transaction should have appeared. Contact support in app using chat? There are some issues with Pay at Pump. I usually pay in store and have no problems with Sainsbury’s.

(Stuart Todd) #3

I had that- it tto ok about a week to appear on my account. I was wondering if some pay at pumps work in an offline mode then send the transactions through in bulk?

(Kelvin Williams) #4

App support have said Sainsbury’s have registered the full txn so I’m waiting for it to resolve. Seems the pump system is slow to update. Like Sainsbury’s getting contactless :yum:

(Adam) #5

The majority of pay at pumps are offline which means it does take 3-5 days for them to show within the app