ATM WITHDRAWAL Abroad : show the balance in local currency on receipt


When I go abroad and take money out from an ATM, revolut card shows the remaining balance on the ATM receipt that I get when I finish withdrawing money. I was amazed by that. Revolut card behaved as if the card came from a local bank. Indeed, all local banks in Malaysia/Singapore will show you the remaining balance. Please MONZO , even though I can see instantly my remaining balance in my Monzo iPhone app , it would be nice to have it on the ATM receipt , but this time showing the balance in the local currency , instead of British pound sterlings as shown in the MONZO app on my smart phone.
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I’m not sure how revolut works, but if it is exchanging from X currency to Y currency, the remaining local currency balance must be an estimation? I guess it could be a handy feature but for most people who presumably will be travelling through places (not spending extended period of times in one country for instance) they would care more about their parent currency (GBP). I guess it could be nice to be able to display your Monzo balance in the rough local currency though.


Indeed ! The idea for Revolut to have implemented that is that normally under normal conditions , rates are fluctuating little with a period of 3 days to a week. Therefore , the local remaining balance shown in the ATM receipt would give traveler a very good
Idea of their disposal in the local currency and an exact idea for day 1

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