Balance in local currency

(Mike Fuller) #1

It would be really helpful if Monzo showed you (Approx) balance in local currency as well as sterling when you are abroad. That way it would be easy to know how much you can spend.

(Christopher J. Sladdin) #2

This is a great idea @ninepine - there are lots of ways that Monzo could use iPhone and Android location data to improve the app and this is one of them.

(David Lynn) #3

Nice and simple addition, I agree, I like this a lot!
Would certainly stop rejects if people don’t have enough money to spend, even if it is just giving a rough indicator :smile:

(Chris) #4

This is the one and only thing that is annoying me about the app. Why show home currency when you’re abroad? It seems completely wrong.
I’ve seen a number of threads on this and everyone says they will prefer to be shown local currency.
One thread is almost 18 months old, surely Monzo can see how easier it is for people to see the balance in local currency

(Alex Sherwood) #5

How would you address the concerns that Hugo’s given as the reason for not building this functionality?

(Chris) #6

As one other thread states… show balance in home currency and underneath, an approximation in local currency based on the day exchange rate
You shouldn’t rely on the app being accurate to the penny anyway, always leave a buffer for variations.


Not sure if this is available on iOS or if I can’t see it but it would be nice to see balance available in the local currency based on your location in addition to GBP amount. Similarly to what is done with today’s spending where the amount is shown in local and home currencies simultaneously.