Are there any truly digital banks in Poland?

Folks, I’m looking for a digital only bank with service and features akin to Monzo, which offers PLN (Polish Złoty) accounts.

Is anyone aware of one? I’ve almost given up hope.

What about N26?


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Thanks Mogolent, I’ve had a look at N26 already they only offer EUR accounts not PLN.

I did find this, although there’s not much info yet it seems.

Yeah thanks Reechan, I’ve already looked at Revolut. Like you say it’s not a bank - they don’t give you a PL current account number nor do they do transactions in PLN, everything is converted from/to GBP or EUR.

I’m guessing not then?

Maybe a market for you to start your own! :wink:

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TransferWise Borderless?

Similar to Revolut, it doesn’t give you a PLN current account.

Yeah precisely. A PLN current account. Just like Monzo but in złoty.

I think you’re probably right, but I thought the Monzo community was the best place to check. It sounds like the We Challenge concept above is the best bet, but it hasn’t launched yet.