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Yup, I bought a bunch of camera gear over the last couple of months. Can’t really justify a new phone but I think the shiny will be strong. Just hope release week coincides with my US holiday and so I miss out on a day 1 phone, at that point I might as well wait for the following year. :woman_shrugging:

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I used to always stress about day 1 but last 3 releases I’ve bought the new phone in November/December so I can’t 100% rule out I’ll end up with the new one. Also it would be the first year I haven’t upgraded since the iPhone 5S came out… :sweat_smile:

Day 1 or bust!

I have 10/15 extra straps and 99% of the time I use the original Nike one.

If they clasp connector does change I’ll moan about it but it won’t stop me upgrading.


The only phone I missed since the 7 Plus was the XS. It was the most “meh” year in a long time, I felt. Since then I always had some minor niggle with my phones that spurred me on to upgrade. But it has to be day 1, or it’s too late. So maybe my US holiday will save me


I currently have 8 straps, I sold a few on eBay last year that I never wore and made a decent chunk of money back. I’ll definitely moan too but will upgrade eventually anyway.

I admittedly only bought the XS so I could get the gold colour as the X only had space grey and silver and I didn’t like my space grey X lol.

The only years I’ve not bought an iPhone were 2G, 3GS and 4S, oh and the 5, I kept my 4 until the 5S. :smiling_face_with_tear:

I had a reservation for a gold XS Max then cancelled it because it really didn’t seem worth it. My little space grey X is probably my favourite iPhone still. Man I miss those days.

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For me it’s the 11 Pro, I had the midnight green and I still miss it lol. The XS definitely wasn’t worth it over the X but I did really like the new colour lol.

Technically next March is. It depends if they go by announcement date or launch date.

So it could just as likely be that it’ll be next year’s watch that gets the X treatment.

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Yes, you’re right - I hadn’t bothered checking! I think the series 2 was my first. Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with for the anniversary :slight_smile:

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Cancelled my order , Shat it lol. The thought of spending £750 on a phone that will be getting replaced by a newer model in 3-4 months doesn’t sit well with me. I shall continue using my S23 and Oppo X3 pro until I see what apple brings next for the 16.
or until I find a mega cheap 13 mini.

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Wont happen IMO, if anything the prices are going to go up as less and less minis are out there.

No chance! An iPhone isn’t going to appreciate (ingoing the niche boxed ones), as much as people shout about the smaller sizes, demand isn’t going up!

There’s less and less iPhone 5s on the market too, but they are cheap!

Yep, me too!

I think it’ll be my next watch upgrade.

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The 13 mini is relatively new, the 5S is what, a decade old?

13 Mini is coming up on 3 years old.

It won’t hold it’s value any better than any other size/colour, the demand just isn’t there because if there was, Apple would still be making a version of it.

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Currently happy with my 13 Pro but could be persuaded by a very good 16 Pro and I do really want USB C!

I do love the USB C on my phone (15 pro max) makes it so easy to connect to all my other kit

Kinda happy still with my 13 Pro but the kids have our old X and they do need an upgrade so we will likely be upgrading.
Not sure about our S6 watches, they still work great and other than the full keyboard there hasnt been much to tempt me to be honest.

I know there might be a new model this year but just ordered an Apple TV 4K for the bedroom TV. All ready got one for the living room so if they do bring a new one out I’ll swap that one for a new model and sell it.

Bedroom TV has some Google TV built in and it’s really getting on my nerves how shite it is so even the current ATV 4K will be a massive upgrade.

Poor @ndrw

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