Apple pay payment method

them said we need use credit card what joke lol

I use my Metro Bank debit card to top up.

The top-up process allows you enter your :mondo: card details, and (I assume because it’s a debit card) their app states there is no fee to pay. However the top-up fails to go through because :mondo: card is not 3D-secure enabled. Shame :disappointed:. That said of course, the best option all round would be for :mondo: to support Pay natively within Wallet.

I have consistently been able to top up my Boon with Mondo - about 6 times since first getting it. I haven’t tried in the last couple of days though - perhaps it has broken now? Mondo do technically implement 3D-Secure, but they don’t do anything visually apparent while redirecting you around.

I have really got used to Apple Pay now as it’s easier to pull my phone out rather than get my wallet, pull a card out, put it back, etc. Obviously, I’ve had to revert now I want to track everyday purchases with Mondo.

I think for most of the people testing Mondo out, having Mondo Apple wallet support would save a huge conflict!

Just my tuppence! :slight_smile:


Simple Bank works with Apple Pay

+1 for Pay.

This is the one feature missing that is stopping me using Mondo everywhere.


I’m able to top up my boon card from Mondo but boons fees aren’t great so I prefer just using bank transfers to boon :confused:

If I could assign my Mondo card to Apple Pay, then I went to top up my Mondo card using Apple Pay, would that trigger an endless loop?! Surely only one could be used at a time?

When you use Apple Pay, the merchant details would still be sent to the issuing bank (mondo). Therefore Mondo can just decide not to process the transaction. And since you initiate a top up from the app, Mondo would be able to recognise it pretty easily. Also once :mondo: becomes a licensed bank, we won’t be able to “top up” our cards. :slight_smile:

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It wouldn’t be an endless loop as the top up monies would be taken from your :mondo: account first and then credited to your :mondo: account. This would only happen once.

I used my Curve card to do exactly this.

I can top up with My mondo card on Boon

Interesting - thanks for letting me know. Unfortunately having just tried again I still cannot top up my Boon card using my :mondo: card. The transaction goes through and is then immediately reversed, thus:

This is what happened to me the other week, I’m not going to bother till it’s fixed.

It’s annoying more so as I understand Mondo and Boon use Wirecard?

Anyone have a list of retailer that can use Apple Pay contactless payment method supporting over £30 transaction? I think I saw the list somewhere ago but just couldn’t find it. Thanks! :pray:t2:

I’ve never seen a definitive list. In theory any shop that takes full proper Apple Pay should have the Apple Pay logo on display. If it’s just regular contactless they should only have the contactless symbol. I’m not sure how well enforced this is though :confused:

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@milkbottlec don’t have a lost but certainly know that Nandos take it over £30 - I paid for a £60+ meal with Apply Pay.

This is a pretty good list:

It’s barely enforced at all, Apple are chasing up retailers to support CDCVM in general though. The UK is a great market for Apple with the solid existing support for contactless.

Apple Pay (not necessarily with CDCVM) take up has been amazing in the UK recent months. My GF recently got an iPhone SE and has been loving it - She hasn’t used her plastic in ages.

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