Apple One

Apple One, Apple’s subscription bundle launched today in over 100 countries.

The highest tier includes Apple Fitness+, available later in the year.


I finished my 200GB so I was up for an upgrade. I have enjoyed TV+ so it and as I already have a family subscription for Apple Music it makes sense to get it.

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Quick search shows it could be to do with having an Apple ID for AppStore and ID for iCloud.

If you had the free year of TV+ from purchasing a new device last year, it has been extended to the end of February.

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Ah, so I signed up for the Family plan then added my partner. I can access all the services but the sharing only works for Arcade and TV+…

Okay, so word of warning: if you have an Apple Music free trial don’t activate the Apple One subscription just yet. You won’t be able to share Apple Music and your Apple One free trial will tick down along with your AM trial

They’re launching it before the Fitness subscription even comes out?

And if anyone is wondering what happens to their current iCloud storage plan, it’s explained here

I think you should be able to share everything. Arcade can be shared anyway outside of Apple One - idk about TV.

One month free so perhaps the fitness is almost here?

Didn’t Monzo launch the first version of Plus with a promise of things to follow?

The difference is Apple usually delivers on those promises though.



Nope, Music is not showing. Apparently I have a free trial and that overrides Apple One Family plan

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Oh sorry I misread your edit.

What a weird issue…

I do think it’s great value but the only thing that I can’t get over is 50GB on the personal plan. They really could’ve done better with that.

It’s so un-Apple

I’ve been obsessively checking for the launch since they announced it as it will save me £££. I’ve spent today reading trashy magazines from my new News+ :blush: Bliss

They did say at the launch event that Fitness wouldn’t be online from Day One but that it should be here by the end of the year. I wonder if Covid has delayed filming the workout routines and stuff.

 One has appeared in my Subscriptions tab.

iPhone > Settings > Apple ID > Subscriptions

Seems to be on sale now.

Yup, it started yesterday. And somehow my Apple Music plan also showed up and can be shared now. So all good


I subscribed yesterday and got my £0.90 pro-rated refund this morning. I was laughing all the way to the bank… or at least my desk!