Apple iCloud Storage payment

(Daniel) #1

Hi im not sure if this is a Mondo or Apple issue…Ive always had apple gift cards for payment of apps/ iCloud storage. However the credit ran out today and thought id register my Mondo card instead. So i registered the card to my account and was due to pay the £0.79 a month iCloud storage plan but two transaction went through… £1.58 and £0.03 simultaneously??? Not sure if the problem is with Apple billing or the pre-paid Mondo?

(George) #2

I went through this too. The £1.58 is an active card check, and should be returned within a week. Not sure about the 3p one though…

(Chris) #3

I’m 99% certain those are just active card checks as greto pointed out. I recently had a £1.58 charge refunded from iTunes. I’m sure the 3p charge is going to be basically the same thing. The great thing about Mondo of course - is you’ll know as soon as the bank does :slight_smile:

(Daniel) #4

Thanks! :slight_smile:

(Jon Crozier) #5

I get this £1.58 charge also. Usually every month too. It’s refunded around 6 days later, which does seem to be a long time as most card checks from other retailers refund the same day.

(Andrew Ross) #6

Just think of all those £1.58’s around the UK (and equivalent abroad) that it keeps for 6 days! That’s a lot of money! :wink:

(Jon Crozier) #8

I think it is a charge. Mondo, sorry, Monzo doesn’t show it as a card check. It’s an actual transaction. My balance goes down when it’s charged. The goes back up again when it’s refunded.


That’s how Monzo currently present these authorisations that drop off. Pretty sure they’ve said on here there’s something better on the way at some point.

(Alex Sherwood) #11

@dan_uk does this resolution work for you?

@-removed- the fact that Tristan state’s that the amount ill be “refunded” suggests that a payment is take + the amount is deducted from the card’s balance so for all intents & purposes, it might as well be right?

(MikeF) #13

I always understood this as (effectively) reserving the money. I think of it like this:

The money disappears from my account.
My bank hangs onto it in case the charge appears. When the charge doesn’t appear my bank then gives the money back as they don’t need it anymore.
The money has notionally left my account to stop me spending it again but it has never left my bank.

(Kevyn) #14

It does get refunded. I get this all the time with iTunes. Every couple of months, a £1.58 charge. A few days later it is refunded.