Itunes declind🙈😡

Mine worked well :\ and of course I was charged £1.xx but this money will be refunded in 10 days after the transaction was done .

Mine also worked. And as @crandazzo also stated, £1.58 was authorised against my account (which will expire shortly).

If you haven’t got a sufficient balance for iTunes to temporarily reserve the £1.58 from your Mondo card account that might explain the decline. Otherwise I would check you’ve entered all your card numbers correctly making sure your post code matches… as iTunes may well perform AVS too.

thats not case i had a delind message eailer for few quid then now i have funds it will not add it back on. and all match as i put it in mannualy.

Your image contains a borderline worrying amount of information but moving on.

If all numbers are correct, you have enough money on the card and you haven’t received a notification through Mondo about a specific decline reason, I would suggest checking with Mondo support via. in-app chat if your address is correct and matches the billing address you’ve entered in to iTunes.

To confirm, I’ve just successfully added my own card to iTunes.

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seem to work now strange one:)