Apple contractors listened to thousands of Siri recordings per day

I thought Apple’s defence about Siri being objectively inferior to Google Assistant was “something, something, privacy”?


Not sure why they are even wasting time trying to improve Siri because to the best of my knowledge, Siri hasn’t drastically improved at all since its release.

When it came out with iOS 6, it was a cool little feature and was sort of the only thing like it but it has fallen behind Google assistant and Alexa a huge amount.

I think they should only be listening to audio clips if the consumer sort of reports it as something wrong. Like on the Alexa app where you can view all the things Alexa thinks you have said, you can give feedback on it.

Would be nice if all these voice assistants did that and they only listening to audio clips where someone has reported that the assistant was misunderstood.

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I think Siri does relatively well, and with the new neural speech engine coming in iOS 13, there will be further improvements to the way she responds to queries. Siri outperformed Alexa, according to a recent test (here).

They’ve suspended request analysis for now, and it’ll be brought back later with an opt-in. However, it should have been opt-in from the start.

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That test can easily be manipulated to just say “Siri is better”.

Personally, Siri is great for saying remind me to ___ but anything about real world things it just simply fails.

Asking it a question will normally just say “I found this online” and show you a google web page.

This is more an apple maps thing but locations are always missing or have incorrect information too.