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Update the app icon to use the same orange as the bank card. At the moment it really doesn’t stand out amongst all the other apps on my phone but the orange would.

That would certainly make the app icon stand out but wouldn’t it make the M :mondo: less visible? Maybe there is such a thing as too much hot coral :thinking:

Also, get ready for a storm from the 36 percent :laughing:


Just throwing in this interesting feature that showed up in the latest iOS 10.3 beta. :thinking:

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Perhaps it could be hot coral 64% of the time & the current logo 36% :thinking:

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Thanks a lot for asking this question. This is something we’ve talked a few times @Sam and me. It’s a complex problem. Let me throw some ideas here, no particular order:

  • We’re totally aware that our current cards don’t completely align with the rest of the visual identity. There are places where we try to build bridges but, yeah, there’s room for improvement :muscle:

  • Hot coral for us started almost as a happy accident. I would have never said that we would produce 100.000 cards using such a trendy colour and then again here we are. People are loving them :love_letter:

  • The actual hot coral that we use can’t be reproduced on digital screens (currently). That’s in fact part of its attraction. As a fluorescent colour it reflects a wider range of radiations/light than a screen can reproduce. This means that a Monzo card will never “look” as good on a screen as it does in real life. But then again that’s maybe part of the magic. :crystal_ball:

  • Colours are perceived differently depending on what they are surrounded with. To simulate hot coral we draw a pink-orange gradient and set the card on top of a dark colour, usually Monzo navy. On the app icon that would be impossible to achieve because we don’t know what wallpaper you are using or the context where the icon would appear.

  • The Monzo colours need to work on multiple formats and applications, from the cards to the stuff we sell in the shop. Cater for all these cases is basically a matrix of trade-offs.

So, in all honesty, I don’t know what we’ll do in the future. We have several ideas about how to integrate all these things better but we are not taking decisions yet. Any feedback and suggestions are very welcome :smile:


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