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I wish I could find the source article/post, but have been looking for a good half hour and drawn a blank. It was well argued and made total sense, even though I ended up vehemently disagreeing with it :joy:

The nutshell of it was that Monzo had an official brand design/colours and Hot Coral wasn’t part of it, therefore Hot Coral should be phased out and those elements made consistent with the rest of the brand instead.

It should go without saying that (Oh, wait, I already said it in the first paragraph) I am 100% in Camp Hot Coral and think the answer is the come at the problem from the other direction and make Hot Coral official instead, but it really was interesting seeing the other view. Probably true to say that there’s more than one way to skin a brand.


I do miss my coral card a bit.

It’ll be interesting to see what cards feature if they do more generic/broad advertising again.

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Here is my idea


I don’t remember this (although that doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen of course) - although I do remember something similar about the M logo.

Maybe a big rebrand and be done with it?

(My preference would be to embrace the hot coral and the M logo, but updated so they’re fresh and work in tandem - but what do I know?!)

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Guess what I’ve just got? That’s right, a Premium Icon:

(Android 4.7.0)


I just checked for a Plus one on iOS and am now disappointed :frowning:


Update not showing for me yet on the app store.

Not showing for me either on iOS

It’s interesting that the Beta one is different colours across iOS and Android, iOS is green

Did it give you graphs in Trends? :eyes::bar_chart:

It’s on iOS TestFlight

Not yet - trying to force that one!

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Ahh silly me, forgot to update TestFlight today!

We have a Plus one on iOS - It’s the same as the Premium one @davidwalton shared, i hoped it’d be blue

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Photos of the Plus one please :pray:

It’s the same as @davidwalton’s Premium one which is disappointing



Doesn’t have the border when you actually apply it on the homescreen


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I believe this was a mistake that was never corrected. I think the Android colour is the correct one and I think green was supposed to be for the Alpha.