App Evolution (new look Monzo app): Feedback Megathread 📣

Maybe this says more about me than Monzo’s design team, but I find the app so disorientating these days. I literally just spent 5 minutes trying to work out how to withdraw some savings. The balance is listed twice for some reason and I was tapping the one at the top, which was letting me see how much interest is earned. Then I tapped the 3 dots on the 2nd row, also not what I was looking for.

Maybe not a great example, but anyone else feel as though the design has become very muddled? Everything used to be so clear.


Revolut card has gone white instead of blue. Messed up my screen now :melting_face:


@hldn90 I’m guessing you just have one savings pot?

It makes much more sense when you have multiple pots…

Yeah. I thought I could only have 1 haha

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Just implemented a fix for this, will be in Monday’s TestFlight. Sorry for an confusion


One Monzo instant access , plus one Monzo safety net, plus as many other 3rd party savings accounts as you like.,

Oh gads. Me too.

It looks so ugly :sob:

I think it looks great!

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Hey! Ah, sorry you’re not a fan of the new look for Revolut here – they just requested we update the assets we use for them in the app to reflect their new brand.


It’s fine, just changed the view as it was white for monzo, blue for revolut and then a darker blue for chase.

It’s not fine. I’m moving to Starling.


Visual look of pots…

Now, I’m not sure if I imagined it, but I’m sure a few weeks ago I had my Pots look like tiles… and I had the option to change it to a list style.

Can anyone tell me how to switch it back?

Three dots next to pots → edit layout → Show as list in home


Is there a way to do the same with savings and investments too?

Unfortunately not, only the ordering.

This is the first time I provide feedback but felt really compelled to do so because the new pots and savings layout is really annoying. My wife and I have both been quite upset with how complicated it is to switch between the current accounts and pots/savings. Could you please consider changing this back or improving it in another way?


What are you upset with? That you have to scroll and tap instead of swipe and tap?

It isn’t going to change back.

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Just to add another comment desiring better visibility of the personal and joint account pots (as it was before - not just combined).

On the homepage maybe a toggle to look at either personal or joint accounts/savings and pots rather than them being combined into the same view.

When viewing/inside an account then an easy way to quickly view and manage pots and transfer money into or out of them. When pots were nested with an account before it was much easier.

For reference I have over 20 pots across personal and joint which I use heavily to put money aside for different uses and now with personal and joint merged it is a very confusing and clunky user experience. It’s also very hard to put money into your pots if you’re in an account view. Maybe you could also enhance the “move money” option which allows transferring between joint and personal accounts to also allow transferring into pots.

This is from me and my wife (so two customers).


Move money allows selection of personal and joint pots as source or destination … at least it does for me!