App Crashes a lot

Issue: App crashes unexpectedly without giving an error code. Choosing monzo flex plan after making a payment, it crashes. Checking/browsing through accounts it just crashes. Could you please look into it? It’s becoming a headache now with the amount of crashes I am facing.

Details to reproduce: it just happens anywhere in the app.
OS: iOS 17
Device: iPhone 14 pro max
App Version: 5.41.0

Screenshots: app gives no error code to screenshot.

I would first try and reinstall the app first in case there’s some sort of corruption.

If that doesn’t work, I’d try on another device you own in case it’s the latest IOS build. Caution:

Your account will be temporarily blocked until you verify your identity if logging in on a new device. Be sure to maybe have ID if needed, although when I have this issue I don’t usually need my ID.

If that doesn’t work, report this to the devs and let them know the build, if it’s a beta build, and let them know what device you’re running.

My app is also constantly crashing :frowning: It has been like it for months but seems to be a bit worse at the moment.


Mine does sometimes crash too, and I used it on both a Google Pixel 5 and HONOR Magic4 Lite on the latest beta build.

Both phones are running Android 13.

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