API: Webhooks not firing on updates notes/category

(Daniel Choudhury) #1


I’ve been trying out the Mondo APIs to do some data crunching on my expenses.

I noticed that webhooks only fire on a transaction but not an category changes or adding a comment. Is this the intended behaviour?

I think it would be an immensely useful feature, as it saves parsing through all transaction data again, just to find comments or changes to the category.

From a business perspective, I’d assume most integrations would work through webhooks (for the sake of simplicity), so can imagine this being a valuable feature on the long run. In addition - it’s a good way to save cycles on the server (pagination is not fun for anyone!)


(Richard Dingwall ) #2

Hi Daniel! transaction.create is the only event you can currently receive via webhooks. We would love to expose loads more in future, so you can receive callbacks immediately when things change. :runner:

Did you have a specific use case in mind?

(Daniel Choudhury) #3

Hi Richard,

Thanks for the reply.

I’m actually thinking about using webhooks for listing all my transactions into a spreadsheet (I’m using FieldBook).

The reason I’m doing this - is because I use the card for business expenses, and I’d like to be able to tag the transactions with more than one tag (using a note at the moment) e.g. I’d like to know I spent £50 on eating out on business expenses.

After compiling this list, I’d like to be able to search, filter and sort these transactions (which Fieldbook provides an excellent interface to do)


Adding cash expenses
(Daniel Choudhury) #4

I should add, I’d also like to do a negative search.

e.g. list all transactions !personal

(Daniel Choudhury) #5

So - just a quick update, if anyone is considering doing an integration of their own - I’ve managed to get it working with webhooks pretty well, and the result is extremely useful!

Here’s a couple of screenshots:


(Adrian) #6

I am really keen on updates - please add this.

We want to incorporate “expenses” in to the accounts package we sell using Monzo. The idea is that staff can have a Monzo card and if they mark any purchase as “expenses” then it is picked up for approval and settlement (paying to the Monzo card). To do this we need to pick up the category set to expenses and also would require the receipt photo by the user - which we would need to see as an update via the API. Once that arrives the transaction would be set for approval by a manager and that is the expense claim sorted!

It is also essential to get updates on transactions as they go from “authorisation” to “completed” or “timed-out” or whatever. This is especially important with foreign currency where the amount can change.

(Alex Sherwood) #7

Is this project on GitHub by any chance?

If you could include the link to the image of the receipt (or the image itself), there’s a lot of interest in this type of app :eyes:

(Daniel Choudhury) #8

Hey Alex,

I can certainly publish the code, the product I’m using is called fieldbook - https://fieldbook.com/. FieldBook supports little scripts (called codelets) that you can run on receiving a webhook.

So on every transaction, it adds a line item. As @rdingwall mentioned though, there aren’t new webhooks for ‘update’ or ‘added receipt’, it would make this functionality a lot easier (and more secure).


(Daniel Choudhury) #9

Here’s the code.

(Alex Sherwood) #10

Thanks for sharing this! I hadn’t heard about fieldbook - it looks great - & that code will be really useful for future reference.