API to move money to/from Pots?

(iain matchett) #1

It would let users do stuff…

(Woestelandt) #2

This would be useful, for example using IFTTT to save a £10 a day. Or save £10 if you met your daily training goals.

(iain matchett) #3

Exactly - I use home assistant - I’d want to (every day at say 10PM) look @ my spending that day, round all transactions up and move it into a pot - then read out what I spent and what I saved that day…

It’s trivial to do all of these sorts of things once the API is there - but it just needs the API…


Monzo are working on an API.

I don’t believe there’s Pots relevant stuff in there.

(iain matchett) #5

There is, but only for balance of pots (get pots https://monzo.com/docs/#pots) nothing for moving anything…


Ah right, well without any inside info I would say there’s bound to be something in the pipeline for it.