Anything I won't be able to do when Monzo is a fully-fledged bank?

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I hadn’t actually considered that last point, thanks. One of the reasons I want to move from NatWest is that it takes ages every time I use my debit card to buy anything for it to show up on my online bank statement. Instant (as with Monzo) sounds good.

Do the outlets that have PayPoint get paid for having it in their shop? If they do, I will feel less like I need to buy anything.

As for us in Lancashire: we think the butter pie is the height of sophistication, and most of us have only just got TV and Internet. :wink:


I think the shops that provide PayPoint make a small sum on each transaction but in smaller Post Offices (not GPO) their owners also get a small sum for ever transaction they do. There are apparently a few shops that have both Post Office and PayPoint counters in (incl some McColl’s stores)


I think the Post Office must charge too much because Metro Bank decided to pay for the service for business customers but not personal customers, providing for both was obviously just too costly for Metro

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Right. This puts a new meaning to why Monzo may not want to use the Post Office.

I learnt a few new things today, thanks! :slight_smile:


I think it must depend on what card/bank you are using. I can pay money in at the Post Office counter and by the time I’ve walked to the back of the store to the cash machine the money is there.


Lloyds and TSB credits take a day for money to hit the bank accounts when using either of the two Post Office branches near me, but with Monese via PayPoint it is instantly credited to that account

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I learn more every time I come here.

As I said, I like the Post Office, because the people in there are nice and the main woman there is a sister of a friend of my mum’s. She even looks the same. So if we can go in there and get it all done, it’s marvellous.

I like the Post Office. I like the Royal Mail. Them postmen are amazing for what they do. I’ve delivered leaflets, and believe me, they do an amazing job. For 56p per letter, it’s not a job I’d want.


you are lucky to have ATMs as neither of our local Post Offices do

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There are about six ATMs in our town of 8,000. If the NatWest and Lloyds TSB removes them, that will be a shame, but we still have plenty to go round.


We have lost 2 cash machines in our town of similar size and now only have 1 ATM left.

The Barclays in the next town shut and now a nearby NatWest in another town I drove to is about to close.

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We’re OK for cash machines where we are, but I do worry for the future.

As I said, we’re a bit less sophisticated up here, but national trends have a habit of catching us up…


I work for a reward and recognition business and one of our products is a prepaid card so speaking from how ours worked with post office and PayPoint when they were offered as a loading option, they both charged a 3% transaction fee and one or the other had a 50p flat fee on top of that %. Getting rid of both of those options was the best thing we did even though all costs were passed on to the customer it was just an expensive option to use. I’ve only just got my card but looking forward to using it.

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