PayPoint & Post Office top ups would be a great option

Would love to see the older methods of topping up at pay points & even post offices like many older prepaid cards,as it would save having to use one card to top up another,& some can’t always do bank transfers or Apple Pay so it would just make life a lot easier,it’s nice having options. Otherwise monzo is great love the app,with great customer service :grinning:


Post Office takes time (at least with Lloyds and TSB) but PayPoint is instant which is good, also there are more PayPoint outlets handy with more and more Post Offices shut.

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I agree that the post office definitely takes longer,just recently I’m finding more and more are open 7 days a week,in one village near mums (Mildreth) its until 10 pm,here in London mine shuts at 2pm Sunday & 7:30 all other days which I’ve found handy,less time in those horrendous queues during the day!
That said I know it usually takes a day to go through whereas pay point is instant & I know I’d certainly be topping up a lot more often if given that chance! Shall keep my fingers crossed that one comes,as pay points are everywhere,making top ups in “not spots” doable,if on holiday in the country for example…
Thanks btw

My local post office shuts for lunch 12.00-2.15 :angry:

That’s so old fashioned now,like half day Wednesday and is still quite common. Should be their busiest time of the day too! Their branch finder was how I found my local one opened later,it’s actually not as big as my other local one which is still running old 9-5 hours! If it’s in a shop I think it’s more likely to be later hours (logically) :thinking:

My local PayPoint is in a McColl’s store so it is open 7 days a week and does not shut for lunch

You can search for your local PayPoint shop at

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If Monzo want people to use this as their main account I’d expect some way of being able to deposit cash. It might not be often, but I’m sure there are times when you’re given cash that you want to put into your account. Same goes for cheques, but they’d be easier to deal with digitally.

Gifts, cash left over from trips and exchanged back to GBP, money owed from friends, your penny jar, gambling winnings, cash borrowed and so on.


And some people of course are still paid in cash, particularly in retail. I have half a dozen friends who work in shops where they get their monthly net pay after tax as cash in an envelope with their pay slip. They may want to use a bank card for payment but without PayPoint or similar the account would make no sense to them

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I agree, there’s been a lot of discussion on this topic already, which you might like to take a look at. I’ve collated here -

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Good to know I’m not the only one who’d love to see pay point come,am not surprised it’s come up before! Thanks all,lets hope it’s on the map for the future :slightly_smiling_face:

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Couldn’t agree more, we need some way to be able to lodge cash, there will probably have to be some daily restrictions etc. but just last week I received some cash from my parents and wanted to put it into my Monzo account but was frustrated to realise I couldn’t, it meant I had to lodge it to my Danske bank account, wait for it to clear and then transfer it over.

I would also like to be able to withdraw funds from Monzo straight back into my bank account.

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Yup, the frying pan is your friend here at the top right :fried_egg:


I’m not to sure of the logistics behind it or even if it’s possible or wether this has been done/suggested before but I was thinking it would be great if customers could make cash payments into their monzo accounts via PayPoints.

Like I said no idea if this is even possible but it would be great if we could make cash payments some how.


Wish there was a way to pay into the account with all this Christmas $$$ I’ve accumulated. Looks like it’s going to have to stay in the cupboard. Unfortunately this month I closed my other acccounts, bad move gaz :no_good_man:t3:.

Even if they do have PayPoint or Post Office deposits you will not be able to pay in the dollars you got

xmas bantz *££££££££s


My dad asked me for my account details so he could transfer some money into my account the other day… I didn’t realise he thought I still had a Lloyd’s account and so he turned up to them with some cash, gave them my Monzo account details and tried to pay in. They said they’d never even heard of Monzo! :joy: Poor guy :rofl:


To be honest I have made a thread about this very subject a few months ago. The fact that Monzo STILL has not worked out that being a bank means people need to pay in money is astounding. (No sending them cheques is not the way forward.)

Starling bank have thought of it and made good using a well known high street bank network.

Imagine a high street current account with no way of paying in cash, people would be up in arms right? Well we have the online equivalent.

you can pay it into my old santander if you like? :joy:

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Any updates regarding this subject? Without going over all the reasons why this would be useful, I found myself in a situation very recently where I needed to pay in a sum of money into my account. Cheers.

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