Anyone interested in Naked Wines?

I just used an amex code for £100 off an order of £149 or more. Amazing deal. They will let me give a similar code to 4 people, so if you are interested DM me with your email address and I’ll get them to send it.

They will give me a £10 credit for each person that uses the code.

Edit to add: Looking at what they send in the invite email, it may well be more than 4 people - the link is this one:

Already in, thanks. Highly recommend, though. Their service is similar to Monzo.

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That’s good to know having just spent a load of dosh with them!

yeah, a big +1 from me for Naked.
The staff on the phones are excellent, and their marketing is some of the best I’ve seen

Everything there is good, even if it’s not for you, and they have a guarantee that if you don’t like the wine you’ve bought, they’ll give you a full refund

drop me a PM with your email address if you want a discount code.