Any one know what Co-op Bank or TSB is like

anyone know what Co-op bank or TSB is like



To be blunt. Those banks suck.


Not great.

TSB is being sold off soon isn’t it? Bought for £1.7 billion and will sell for a couple quid

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I was with TSB for about half a year. It was OK, 1.5pc interest rate on any funds not needed week to week. The app however gradually began to barely ever work, I received £50 in comp but switched away when other banks started offering bribes. It now doesn’t pay any interest, I think they have an account that can pay you £5 for using the debit card a bit though

You can find lots of topics on both those banks by searching on here. Also check out some reviews websites like Trustpilot.

This will give you far more experiences to read and form your own conclusion from.

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ok i just want 1 of these where i can easily put money in

Why these banks specifically?

cause i dont have vaild id anymore and these ones can comfirm who i am by doing checks others i have tried need id from me

Get some ID?

That’ll make things easier in the long run and give you a wider choice of (better) banks.

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well at the minute there is no point because i dont travel so no need for a passport and i dont drive so no point for the driving license as i dont drive and i dont dfancy paying money out just for me to open a bank account

Most banks allow you to deposit cash and cheques in at Post Offices - do you have a local PO you could use?

You woudn’t need ID - just your bank card (and perhaps a paying in slip depending on the bank in question)

yeah i do right across the road from me with tsb it takes 2 days with co-op its straight away when u deposit cash

You’re going to need ID for many more things other than a bank. It’s worth the small investment.


I was with the Lloyds TSB since I was in my early teens, had the account all through my university days and then my Graduate Account. Once they split and became TSB, it all went downhill from there. Such an unreliable service!

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im swaying to go with co-op bank

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Don’t forget to delete all your comments when you’ve decided :wink:


have you come here just to start

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Co-op bank no longer has any link to the Co-operative society and their future is uncertain. Caveat emptor.


ok also TSB future is uncertain as well