Free cash deposits

I wanted to split this idea into its own thread to allow voting on this option in the new feedback voting sub-forum. The previous threads were not in the feedback category and not specifically about free deposits.

I understand that this is a contentious issue for some people so I will not really be commenting after this and if Monzo/@simonb feel the thread should be locked but allow voting, I would be happy with this.

we now use a joint account for all bills and shopping
but until I can pay in cash (£1000 every 6 months should be at least every 3 months)
and I still think the post office would work better than having to tell the shop assistant how to do the deposit every time.

and yes was looking forward to cheque imaging too.

the two big things that would mean I could close my old account and just use monzo…

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I’m not too bothered with paying £1 to deposit cash and I have found PayPoint much more convenient than depositing cash into my Barclays account (even if I have had to tell a few people they need to swipe the card).

However, the limit of £1,000 every 6 months is too low imo.

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An option to vote for something to become free when you currently pay for it? Oh I can’t see that getting many votes at all. :roll_eyes: