Ethical finance

I’m trying to be as ethical in my financial choices as I can. Savings and current accounts seem easy to do this, but not so much credit cards, especially if you want to earn cashback. I’m thinking of getting the Coop members card, but tech poor apparently, can’t pay card by debit card, no link to open banking.

Should I be pursuing this or worry more about what I spend my money on?

Does anyone else have these dilemmas?

I got the co-op membership card, I paid by debit card for it. I don’t use the physical card, so it’s a bit of a waste

Confused, coop website and Twitter chat said can only pay be DD, bank transfer or cheque

Definitely remember doing it through debit card

Is that the coop app or the coop bank app? Wonder if we’re talking about the same thing :smile:

I applied for the coop membership card online, it costs £1 to get, works like a clubcard, but for coope, not Tesco

Ahhh, I’m talking about the coop members credit card.