Since we’ve got this shiny new category, I thought I’d feature some cool anime films that have been given a limited cinema run in recent months.

Your Name

Not sure quite how to describe this one without giving away the best parts, I recommend watching this one without any spoilers but it was by far the best film I saw in 2016!

It’s been long out of cinemas, Blu-ray pre-orders are open though!

A Silent Voice

This film destroyed me emotionally. I wasn’t quite prepared for how hard this would hit, especially considering how many of Kyoto Animation’s other works sit in happy and comedy categories.

A very small number of cinemas are still showing this. Early pre-orders for the Blu-ray are up.

Sword Art Online The Movie: Ordinal Scale

Though few wanted to come with me to see this one, it was an excellent, high-budget, action-packed, fun film. It wasn’t as emotionally impactful as the other two but was still very solid (minus some minor issues that exist in the series too) and enjoyable.

I would almost bet that the major core of this film was inspired heavily by the huge Japanese popularity of Niantic games (Pokémon GO and Ingress), along with the failure of Google Glass.

Some level of background knowledge from the TV series does help, though simply knowing the general plot and cast of the first half of the first season is more than enough to get the full impact of the story. Even so, there’s enough of a refresher in the first five minutes of the film to get most people up to speed if you’re okay with spoilers for the TV series.

The screening date for this one has just passed, but it’s still available in a few places with a Blu-Ray release pending announcement.

I’d be curious to know, does the Monzo community watch anime or read manga? If so, what do you watch/read?

I have an embarrassingly long backlog of shows I’d like to get through and it’s horribly out of date but all my lists are public on Kitsu.

Not heard of any of these but I’ll check them out.

Looks like Your Name is returning to UK cinemas. :eyes:

This is super late but I’ve watched Your Name and read the manga for A Silent Voice and enjoyed them a lot!

I generally prefer manga but not many people in the UK (well, among my friends here anyway) seem to be interested in it. I get most of my merch from Japan/ Singapore and go to conventions there instead, I’ve seen the Manchester con and even though it was labelled as an anime con it was mostly cartoons/ movies etc.

I enjoy sports anime like Haikyuu!!, Free!, Kuroko no Basuke mostly, but I’m a fan of Hunter x Hunter, Full Metal Alchemist, Shingeki no Kyojin, Ao no Exorcist, Fairy Tail, Beezelbub, Kuroshitsuji etc. I used to like Naruto but fell out with it. Gintama was something else I’ve tried picking up but I mostly just peruse the funny bits on YouTube. Classics like Ranma 1/2 and Detective Conan I re-read constantly too.

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