Android Version 2.18.0 - Super Tidy App! 🎉

(Marcus Nailor) #21

Hmmm… :eyes: What could it be :see_no_evil: Maybe I could bribe you with some cash that you could deposit? :joy::moneybag:

(Ok that was a stretch… And wouldn’t be in-app :joy:)

I guess we’ll have to wait and see :tada:

(James) #22


We need to start keeping track of everything we find before it’s released :thinking:

Interesting/Saving Pots
Investment Pots
Committed Spending Pots
Crowdfunding Campaign

What am I missing?

(Marcus Nailor) #23

I’m sensing a decompiling thread… :eyes::eyes: Might do that tomorrow :see_no_evil::grin:

It’s been a long day :joy: I think that might be a comprehensive list of our findings! :ok_hand: I’ll have to give it a read with fresh eyes.

Actually, edit, I think I’ve found a string pointing towards Google Pay card provisioning :eyes: which isn’t available yet!

(Kieran) #24

Monzo rumours blog coming soon :joy:

(James) #25

@nexusmaniac Do we know much about the “Tabs” feature yet?


I’m just sat here with an iPhone to get freetrade and playing with Monzo on that … :rofl:

(James) #27

Alright so “Tabs” seems to be a way to calm down shared pots. Appears to support multiple users and multiple transactions which is tied back to a single user. Transactions now have a flag to determine whether we can add it to a tab.

Seems to be a settlement system so I’m making an assumption that users can buy things, add it to a tab and a t the end you can settle it up, split the cost, and close the tab. Great for things like holidays etc where you’re sharing the cost of everything!

Current version appears to only have read endpoints, so either incomplete (Beth did say it would be in v2.19 so could be added in there) or going to iOS only users can create them but Android users can see them. This isn’t likely to last long though!

All predictions, could be entirely incorrect

(Tony) #28

I wonder if this is it: