[Android] Some merchant logos appearing with image on savings pot

Just wanted to bring up a little bug that has appeared since the last update.
Sometimes merchant logos are appearing with the image on my saving pot. Goes back to the correct logo when I close and reopen the app. No biggie, just thought I’d mention it :+1:


What device? OS version? App version? etc?

It could be an Android, an iOS or an specific device only bug etc. Always good to know where it is happening.

Is this in the transaction feed? I seem to regularly get mixed up images for transactions. Sometimes pot transfers have people’s pictures instead which is slightly alarming. Refreshing the feed fixes it but it probably shouldn’t be happening.

Android 9
Pixel 2 XL
App: v 2.33.0

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When creating a bug report topic, you’re supposed to fill out these bits not delete them :man_facepalming:


Details to reproduce:
App Version:


Same, it’s been happening for quite a few versions. Android as well.