✅ [iOS] Custom pot images getting muddled


Just a quick report of a bug in the TestFlight 2.38.0 (512) version.

When scrolling through pots, the images occasionally appear on the wrong pot.

Apologies if this has already been reported.

Have they released the custom image for the pots in one of these test flights. I would like to have that Amex pic. Lol

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I think a proportion of all users have received it.

Is it iOS or android specific. I am using TestFlight on iOS and haven’t seen anything so far. Would love to test it.

Found it. Rolled out to 20 % of customers

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This is sometimes a problem with transaction logos/user pictures on Android. They get stuck/muddled until you refresh the list. Although I’ve not seen it for a while now.

Custom pot image is out for everyone using iOS :slight_smile:

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I also have this problem with images getting muddled up or disappearing, I’m guessing it’s temporary as the function is new (well I hope so)


How did you create this Amex pic. Can you guide me