Android Pay 3

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Did a search of the forum for andriod pay and did not find anything, so thought I’d ask here if any timetable to support it?

Apple Pay - Any updates?
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Android pay seems to have been removed from the roadmap.

Perhaps one of the team could comment?

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It’s covered by this:

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Hadn’t spotted that one. Thanks.

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Confirming this, @tristan replaced Android Pay with NFC payments and caused a minor worry with a few of us for a bit.

To answer the initial question, there is no exact timeline for this feature yet but like Apple Pay, Android Pay is a post-current account feature.


NFC Pay covering Samsung Pay etc as well

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This is true, my only issue with the change was that Android Pay covers more than just NFC payments. It includes payments in Android apps and (eventually) on the web too.


The same is true for Apple Pay.

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@HoddzDJ @RichardR The intention is to cover more than just NFC payments, we just chose to change the description on the roadmap to something fairly ambiguous so as not to commit any specific parties to a rigid time scale :slightly_smiling_face:

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So what’s the Android Pay update? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Just like Apple Pay, there isn’t really one :wink: they’re on the same card on the roadmap though so hopefully they’ll be ready at around the same time.