✅ [Android] "Member Since" is Wrong

I’ve been a member for a long time, as per my post here - First purchase

However, if I go into the settings inside the app, it says I’m a member since April 2017.

How’s it looking for everyone else? Seems to be fine on Android (yes, I’m giving you evils @nexusmaniac).



Yep, seems fine for me on 2.28.1 on Android :grin: I can scroll back all the way to when I first topped up my Monzo card with £100 :money_with_wings:

Join date is listed as Sept. 2016 on my profile page too :grin:

Mine (iOS) says March 2016 mate.

Why is mine so messed up :cry: :cry: :cry:

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I wonder whether your user# on the same screen is wrong, too.

You say you joined around June 2016. I joined in August 2016 and my user# is ~33800

So in theory your user number should be lower than that!

User number is correct.


Have you changed your email address?

I’m pretty sure mine is wrong as well but I think I changed my email. Only thing I can think of, don’t know if it’s correct in the slightest though.

I’ve not changed my email for years, so it’s not that :cry:

Mine’s okay! Maybe contact the COps and they’ll likely be able to check!


Seems to be correct now, not sure what happened.


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