What's your Monzo user #?

  • 1-10,000
  • 10,001-25,000
  • 25,001-50,000
  • 50,001-100,000
  • 100,001-250,000
  • 250,001-500,000
  • 500,001-1,000,000
  • 1,000,000+

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Sure most people on here know how but if not:
Select account > click profile / account (the bit with account details and picture) > monzo user number just under picture.

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Why are you asking?

Just the wrong side of 200,000 and May 2017 for the sign up.

Between 800 - 900k. I was excited to be in the first 1m. :sweat_smile:

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Obviously the forum is used more by early sign ups, but I was wondering how many later members are also engaged.

As monzo grows, is the forum keeping up?

It may only be possible to get mass engagement by integrating the forum fully into the app


Ahhhh I see. I’m a 1m+ user here then, loving the forums!


Which side is the wrong side?

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I’m quite happy to be within the first 5,000 users :hugs:

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Just scraped in below 25,000!

Just over 1 million but I had to wait for my 18th birthday to come around before signing up - I’d been keeping up with Monzo for months before :weary:


Just over 5k :raised_hands:

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Maybe people should just indicate their numbers in their profiles… :slight_smile:

I’m more interested in possible ways to engage the 1 million+ crowd, which seems up be underrepresented, albeit this poll is hardly rigorous

Weirdly my number closely resembles the date I joined :flying_saucer:

15281 :smiley:

above, probably a day or two late for being under 200,000






Didn’t realise I joined in 2017 lol.