[Android] Keyboard switches layout for fraction of a second

(Marcin) #1

Issue: When trying to enter/change amount while clicking on numerical buttons keyboard layout changes for fraction of a second enough for you to skip entered digit. The default keyboard on my device is (and always was, came with the phone as default) SwiftKey. The issue wasnt happening before, Only just started for about a month?

Details to reproduce: Enter to withdraw from the pot, start editing the amount
OS: Android 8
Device: Huawei PRA-LX1
App Version: 2.26.1


(Sam) #2

Also happens on my Huawei P10 Plus.

(Matthew Heald) #3

Happens on my Moto E5 Plus but not as badly as that.

(Craig A Rodway) #4

Same on Huawei P9, regardless of which keyboard is selected (but SwiftKey is my default too).

(Carl Barrett) #5

Mine too, for a few weeks now. Huawei P20 Pro.

(Jordan Taylor) #6

Pixel 2 XL too with Gboard

(Nathan Steer) #7

I got the same using the Samsung Neural Keyboard on the Galaxy S9, not as severely as above though.

It only happened for me if I rapidly pressed the backspace to remove digits. It was fine on all other key presses for me.