Android 'Earn Interest' link leads instead to Pots

**Android App ‘Earn Interest’ link leads instead to Pots, just like the ‘Pots’ link above it. Tried to close & reopen. No change. **

Click it!
Android 9
Pixel 2xl stock Android


Different experience here - in the ‘Things you can do with Monzo’ section of the Home carousel…

If I tap on ‘Create a Pot’ I get this screen;

If I tap on ‘Earn interest on your money’, I get this screen;

Android 11, Pixel 2XL, 3.49.0 (Plus customer)

I get the same as your images.

Android 8.0, Samsung S7, 3.49.0 (standard Monzo)

Odd that my Play store insists 3.48.1 is the latest version released Sept 1, yet you both have 3.49.0

Perhaps this not terribly serious issue will disappear when my app auto-updates.

We’re probably both using the ‘beta tester’ version of the app, well, I certainly am.

In the Play Store, the Monzo app page allows you to sign up to the beta version, so you’ll get the latest releases as they happen :tada: - if you’re comfortable with beta of course :pirate_flag:

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Me too.

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Even stranger is I have no record of a version ‘3.48.1’ ever being released.

The last ‘.1’ iteration was 3.44.1
Since then it’s been 3.45.0, 3.46.0, 3.47.0, 3.48.0 & 3.49.0

Are release versions titled differently to beta? (I don’t know as I’ve been on beta for years)
Mysterious :male_detective::mag: