✅ [Android] Custom Pot Images Reset Pot Type

Issue: ISA pots reset to Regular pots when a custom pot image is applied :bug:

Details to reproduce: Setup an ISA pot, add a custom image, look at the pot details screen & it’ll be a regular pot again :see_no_evil: … Quit the app and relaunch (or change pages within the app) and it’ll revert to an ISA pot :raised_hands:
OS: Android Q Beta 1
Device: Pixel 3XL
App Version: 2.42.0 (Beta)

It is an ISA pot but after you select a custom image it temporarily switches back to Regular :yum:

Hi @nexusmaniac

Thanks for reporting!

This should be resolved now, please let me know if you’re still having problems.


It certainly is! :raised_hands: That was super fast :sunglasses:

Thanks for fixing this :blush:

What was the cause of the problem? :slight_smile: