[Android] Can't add to Shared Tab after declined Bill Split

Issue: Shared Tab Error after Declined Bill Split
This is actually an issue found by my housemate so unsure of all the specifics unfortunately
Details to reproduce: In error he sent me a bill split for a transaction rather than adding it to a shared tab, once i declined it he now is not able to add to the shared tab just getting a “sorry there was a problem, contact us if continues” message.
OS: Andoroid
Device: One plus
App Version: Latest Andorid build


I’m also seeing this behaviour. If a split request is declined there is no longer an option to add the purchase to a shared tab. However, following the route to a shared tab (via Payments) seemingly allows the same purchase to be added via “Add Bills” but in fact this does not work either – clicking the “Add Bill” button having accepted the split ratio returns to the shared tab but without the bill having been included.

Device: Apple iPhone 6S
iOS version: 14.0.1

I’ve attached a couple of screenshots showing some of the described behaviour.

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