[Android] App update "waiting for download"

Hi all,
I was trying to go to my monzo app but it said that it needed to be updated. When I tried to update the download would never go through.
I then tried to delete the app and reinstall it but now it is the installation download that never starts. It is “waiting for download”

Please can you help?

My phone is a google pixel android version 9

I don’t think this has anything to do with Monzo to be honest. This is between you, Google Play and your internet connection.

Give your phone a restart and try again.


I get this sometimes for absolutely no obvious reason. I generally only notice it for Monzo as that’s the only app that I ever kick off a manual update to a new version (once I see mentions on here!). As you say, this seems to be something between my phone (Lenovo) and Google

Restart your phone or clear the Play Store Cache and try again?

Then upgrade to Android 10.