An amusing Monzo incident today

So the guy in the shop kept asking penetrating questions. So this is a top-up card? Is it new? Is it part of another bank? Etc. I thought he was about to refuse it so I carefully explained that Monzo cards used to be prepaid but this was now a debit card belonging to a new current account, etc. He kept asking more questions. In the end he said “So how come I’ve seen my son with one of these and he’s neglected to tell me he’s opened a new account?” and snatched up his phone to have a gentle word with his son…

I left quickly!


So given his son has to be 18… jeez, controlling much?!


I have a friend who’s father is like this…
He only signed up to the prepaid because he could justify that it wasn’t an “account” to his parents.


Anh here’s me waiting impatiently for my kids to be allowed to have Monzo Accounts…:grin: