AMEX + Monzo Bills Pot + IFTTT = Closed Loop! 🙌

If anyone is able to share detailed steps on how to set this up on iOS, I’d be very grateful! :raised_hands:


I don’t think it’s possible on iOS, because Apple doesn’t allow apps to read other apps’ notifications.

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That’s what I figured. Still hopeful there may be a way. Else would have to consider setting it up on an Android phone, and just leaving it plugged in somewhere to manage this. I assume that might work?


Aargh, another shining example of finance automation that I can’t use because IFTTT integration isn’t available with Joint Accounts :angry:


This is nicely done, but of course it completely negates the “credit” of the credit card. You still get the S75 and the rewards, but you have to have the money upfront, which is a very expensive way of doing it.

For me, credit cards are all about the rewards. The credit benefit of the credit card actually leads to a reduction in my control over my spending - which is why this would be so great. I did actually ask @kieranmch last week whether this might be feasible, and I liked his reply.


How could it be more expensive?

Not really. Spending on an Amex gives me rewards along with a ~50 day extension on keeping the money I spend. Keeping the credit card spend ring fenced in my account allows me to earn 50 days of 1.5% interest and I don’t pay any credit card interest.

This is cheaper, not more expensive.


This means you have to have the money upfront. I use the credit card to push the cashflow into the following pay period. This means you are not having to hold money you don’t need to (1.5% would barely cover inflation, if at all). I don’t keep any money in my current account at all (after bills), so to follow this strategy, I would have to pay off my next credit card bill AND keep enough for the next one. Of course, if you’ve always done it, you won’t notice, but if you switch to my method, you are effectively getting one month free, because you can pay off the balance from month 1, and then spend what you would have spent in month 2 as an extra, knowing that you wont be billed until after the following pay cheque. Of course, it requires a steady income, and the funds to pay off the last month, should you lose your income without compensation. It’s not for everyone, but holding money in a current account is generally more expensive, especially with the time value of money, which is not just about inflation.

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I think there are a lot of people that use the method you are describing. I switch from that method when I wanted more control of spending though. No problem with either method, comes down to the individual but calling it expensive is plain wrong


Of course, you pay back that ‘one month free’ at the end of the credit card’s life, as you’re still billed one month after your very last spending. You don’t get anything ‘for free’, you just shift the cycle back one month.

And, of course, what most people forget is that you only get interest–free credit if you pay off the entire balance every month. Make a mistake and not only do you pay interest on purchases on the statement, but also on every purchase, as soon as you make them, until you pay the bill in full for two consecutive months.


Darn, suckered in by this topic - obviously android only :’(

Hopefully someone cleverer than me knows how to do it on iOS.

Maybe. But it may be possible to do something clever here. Add up all transactions, then on pay day move that amount into your pot to pay the bill.

I thought that, but why use the pot? Just pay the bill!

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Not if you consider the time value of money, which you need to

Ah, you’re on here too. I posted your instructions on another thread. I’m the guy you were talking to on iOS who is using Todoist to try achieve similar.

You can’t do this on iOS unfortunately. I’ve tried various methods with Siri Shortcuts etc. but nothing as automated as the Android solution.

At the moment I’m using Todoist to fire this, but of course I could just launch Monzo and move the money manually in a similar amount of time.

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Absolutely - it’s just more efficient use of working capital, which makes it cheaper.

Yes - that’s always true, regardless.

Its already been considered though. I could just stop putting money aside if I was struggling one month or if I needed some extra cash which would put me into the same situation as you but the spending control is more value to me than having a few extra weeks of holding onto someone else’s money.

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Actually once came on to say something positive as this is awesome. But then remembered I’m in your boat. :roll_eyes:

I’ve found a slight bug with this, not sure if this is limited to my device or a general IFTTT thing.

If I haven’t dismissed my last payment notification and pay for something new the second notification doesn’t trigger the spreadsheet add.

I can work around it by making sure I clear my notifications though so no biggie.

I’m running on a Note 10+.

As for the comments above, personally this isn’t about using ‘credit’, this is purely about building reward points whilst still staying in control of my finances. It means I can move the odd £3 I spend in Tesco for a meal deal to my AMEX and still keep my Monzo balance updated so that I always know where I stand.
AMEX just isn’t the card for borrowing so I have no plans to hold a long-term balance there. There are better products on the market for borrowing.

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