Amend limits on Android and iOS app versions

(Deborah Hambley) #1

I think it is good Monzo has regulated limits. However I feel users should have the option to amend these individual limits to any amount up to these regulationary maximum limits. Lower limits may be better for some customers to help with budgeting especially when on holiday etc.

(Alex Sherwood) #2

Thanks for sharing this idea. Are you asking whether Monzo could increase their limits on the accounts or for a way for users to create self-imposed limits in the app?

(Deborah Hambley) #3

Hi Alex, looking for Monzo to allow users to be able to set self-imposed limits, within the maximums set by Monzo/regulaters. E.g. the ability to be able to set your own lower withdrawal and spending limits. I hope that clarifies what I’d like to see.

(Alex Sherwood) #4

Thanks for the clarification. That sounds like quite a similar idea to this one but there’s a few potential issues with that functionality -

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if I’m missing anything here, please do let me know! :slight_smile:

(Deborah Hambley) #5

Not quite what I meant. I mean being able to reduce the amount of each individual limit under the limits tab, to a self chosen lower amount, whenever you want, and not necessarily just for a limited time period. Some of the limits for me personally are a bit high, so I would like more control over my account so I can set myself lower limits for weeks/months/years, but have the ability to change them back if there was an emergency or my circumstances changed.