Amazon Brushing Scam

I’ve just came across an Amazon scam called “Brushing” - apparently its pretty widespread.

On Monday I received a random Ball of Twine which had been sent from Amazon Germany via DPD. Thought nothing of it as I hadnt ordered it, wasnt on my account history, hadnt been charged for it and didnt have any information from the delivery label to report it to Amazon.

Today, a card was left from Amazon, parcel in the brown bin. I knew I hadnt ordered anything so went to check. Im now the proud recipient of some Dog Ear Cleaning fluid that I hadnt ordered.

I googled this and came across this “Amazon Brushing Scam” - it turns out that some partial ID theft has taken place and an account has been opened up using my name/address details for the sole purpose of increasing fake product reviews!

Ive reported it to Amazon but without order numbers it looks like theres not much they can do? Ive replaced my bank card, changed my password, set 2FA again, etc but its a lot of hassle for something out of my control.

Hopefully Im the only one on this forum to get to experience this

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A ball of twine is very useful! least in the equestrian community

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Sounds weird this. Maybe;

  • Put the supplied fluid on the supplied twine
  • Insert one end into the ear of the dog
  • Push it through until you can grab it from the other ear
  • Move it from side-to-side
  • Remove treated twine from the dog and inspect ears for cleanliness

Leave a 5-star review at the increased ability of the dog to recognise you opening the food cupboard.

No animals were harmed in this ridiculous suggestion


They can’t track down the order from the delivery address?


I can’t wait to see what i receive next…dodgy thing is though, 2 days ago I was talking to my wife about the dog needing his ears cleaned…we have Alexa!

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Nope, I was asked for a 17 digit order number which I dont have, and there wasnt any mention of this on the delivery labels, just the ones they use for tracking the delivery. The CS rep at Amazon did fill in some form whilst I chatted with them, to escalate it, but having googled this Scam it seems pretty common and been happening for a while.

Someone at my workplace had this happen to them too. Got sent all sorts of random stuff but Amazon didn’t care. It stopped eventually and he did get the odd valuable thing too.

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From what I’ve read so far Im a little excited to see whats coming next!

Amazon has no incentive to fix this problem, so they will not be giving the right tools & training to customer service advisors to deal with this issue.


:100: - our dog can hear the food cupboard from about 3 miles away. I’d have to return the items. R-

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How do you register for this sort of scam? I don’t get enough deliveries from Amazon 🤷🏻


I’ve had this! I didn’t know it was a scam though.

I had some bouncy balls that looked like planets (Gave them to my nephew)

And some vitamins. Which I sold on eBay for £30! :rofl:


If you want to send me your address Dan I’ll happily post you some crap from amazon at bizarre intervals.

I have too many amazon deliveries, but this way I can solve my browsing amazon habit…

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Feel free to send them to our office :rofl:

(Please don’t actually do this, I’m trying to avoid London :see_no_evil:)


I have an Amazon delivery coming from DPD on Monday, a re attempted delivery as the driver couldn’t find the place :joy:

Anyway, I had 2 active orders with Amazon, one had been dispatched the morning before I got the dpd email stating would be out Friday, thought using dpd for £13 was a bit much :joy: but that order arrived Saturday, and my only other order wasn’t dispatched until Saturday, all other orders have been deleivered and not waiting for anything so will find out tomorrow what the parcel is :joy:

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I’d take anything DPD say with a pinch of salt. In my experience, DPD are great at delivering parcels on time, but their customer messaging seems to be completely random. Many is the time I’ve received emails saying my parcel will be with me soon hours after I’ve put the box in the recycling.

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It’ll be something connected with China, im pretty certain of that… Out of curiosity have you ever bought anything from chinese e-commerce sites? After a lot of digging, I think my data was leaked by a dodgy CS rep on

Only Amazon :joy:

But will find out tomorrow :joy:

Had the same scam for over 3 years. Funnily enough the scam started with my old workplace and they kept sending items even when I left over 2 years ago. :joy:
Everyone thought I was ordering stuff at the wrong address and it took me a while to understand it.

You likely bought something from Amazon from a seller based in China, they got your address and send objects so they can give themselves 5* ratings.

Few of the things I got during the years were helpful like camping materials just before Glastonbury but I also got prenatal care products. :joy:


Well mine was an actual order, that was due 14-16th July, seller didn’t even mark it as dispatched until Sunday morning and I even emailed them twice to cancel and on 2nd they said it was dispatched, so now we will see if this new dispatched item also arrives :joy: