Am I missing something?

I’m using Monzo on Android, and am wondering if I’m missing features that Apple products are seeing, particularly around the analytics/budgeting side of things. Obviously the app’s very intuitive but limited (at least for me) at present.


No you are not missing anything. The iPhone app is ahead of Android but they are slowly closing that gap and intend at some point in the future to reach parity.

There are a few things on the iOS app which we’re yet to introduce to the Android app (lots coming really soon!) The Android app is about 8 months old, so we’re still playing catch up to achieve parity, mainly because we want to develop the same functionality natively for Android phones :slightly_smiling_face: Rest assured, it’s a big priority for us, we’ll be updating often!


Thanks both! I spotted some things on your blog and forum that I couldn’t see in my app - excited for the future :slight_smile:

I’ve signed up a colleague and a friend so far to Monzo, I have great hopes for it!

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What’s the reason behind the iOS being in front? I don’t really care but I would totally understand if people would be upset. It’s either equally slow or equally fast, why singling out one platform?


if you type in “why is android always behind” into the search function at the top you will be able to read through the history of apple versus android many many many discussions of the two - and the “dissatisfaction” of android users of “always” being behind in the development of the app


To give you some sense of the challenge for developers of Android apps, this table lists the % of Android users, with the version of the OS that they’re using -

Image from this story.

the users on older OSs mean greater security risks & make it difficult to develop an app with a consistent user experience…

greater differences in screen size and resolution also are a factor.

Yeah I’m familiar with this distribution list… I’m not moaning by the way :smiley: Just interested, I guess if you want to play level field you need more resources on Android development - I guess I’m searching for some insight why is it so…

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The so-called Android “fragmentation” isn’t a huge issue for any competent developer team. Especially when you only target certain versions and above - so for example we target Android 5.0 and upwards.

The main reason why the Android app is behind the iOS feature-wise is simply because the iOS app has had over 6 months more development time than the Android app has.

The good news is that our Android team are truly fantastic and there’s a whole bunch of new features coming soon :slight_smile:


I do trust you guys and I’m feeling that you do have a really great team, hence no doubt Android will be on a par with iOS in no time. Thanks for clarification. Always appreciated

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