Allow greater control of Summary Period

I’d like greater control in app for the Summary period. Currently I get paid every 2 weeks, so the Summary screen isn’t very useful for me because it only has options for every month or every 4 weeks.

If you have some savings, you could solve this for yourself by putting one of the two payments aside in a pot and then paying yourself both at the same time essentially and starting summary from that date. Obviously you’d need to use savings to cover the first two weeks you do this (or have a very skint two weeks!) But after that you’d be fine.

Not ideal but a workaround to make the budgeting work if you’re keen

Doesn’t solve everything thou, they need to implement weekly pay, fortnightly, last working day, last Thursday or last Friday of the month and that caters to everyone and they can make the most out of it

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I mean it literally can solve all those cases, but I agree it’s not ideal and would be nice to have those options.

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Honestly I would ADORE this. I’m the same, get paid fortnightly, the first two weeks I just have the app screaming at me that I’m going to run out of money! The budget help side of it just isn’t useful unless you’re paid monthly currently