Allow filtering of transactions from within Pot's

Hi. Hmrc wants me to send them bank statements with all payments received from the contractors in 2021. Is there any way i can filter those statements to the particular transactions without printing shopping transactions and transactions within the pots. If i would have to print all transactions it would be at least 50 pages. I have to send it by the post…

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Export to CSV and filter from there.

Or contact support and I’m sure they’ll sort it for you :slight_smile:

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I assume these are in pots, so you can’t filter them in app yet. You can vote for them here:

Otherwise @Ordog’s suggestion works.

BTW - is this a monzo business account?

Any tutorial about filtering them in csv i have honestly no clue how to do that

Data > Filter

But any Google search will help you with a more detailed step by step