Assign transaction to pot

(Michael Hall) #1


It would be great if when selecting a transaction I could “assign” it to a pot.

Say for instance I have a pot for holidays, one for bills, one for eating out etc.

I go out for dinner and pay on my card and then when I assign that transaction to the ‘eating out’ account it removes that amount from that pot and transfers it into my main account.

I know I can quite easily do this myself manually each time, but having this convenient shortcut would be great.



You can do this with IFTTT integration, sort of. If you know what the merchant shows up as in your feed, you can use IFTTT to move the amount of the transaction from a specified pot whenever you spend at that merchant. You do have to have the funds to cover the transaction in the main body of your account, though!

Hope this helps :blush:

(Michael Hall) #3

I didn’t have a particular merchant in mind - I was looking for a more general solution.

Thanks for the tip though.


Found this if it helps:

(Michael Hall) #5

Oooo that does look cool. Although one thing that would annoy me a little is if something is automatically classified as eating out, but I change it later, I would have to move the money back to the pot.
I still like the idea of controlling what pot should be assigned to a transaction.
Thanks again though. There’s some cool applets on IFTTT.