All shares sold in under 10 mins?

(Jolin) #21

Is there a link for us pour souls who didn’t get picked last time to see the current investment total? :grin:

(Oliver Beattie) #22

(Bruce) #23

How can you see the ticker following an investment

(Jack) #24

It’s being put here shortly


invested_amount from has the correct value

(Rob) #25

Great, thanks for the (lightning quick!) updates :slight_smile:

(Oliver Beattie) #26

(Thomas Smith) #27

so there will definitely be enough on Wednesday?

(Jack) #28

Yes, even if all existing investors invested the full amount there’s still room left for new investors.

(Thomas Smith) #29

i hope so! how much room we talking?

(Is Santa here yet?) #30

Depends how many existing investors take part and how much they put in. 6 million anyway


Minimum £5m, probably (hopefully) a lot more…

(Thomas Smith) #32

ok great :smiley:

(Jack) #33

It’s been answered here:

(Is Santa here yet?) #34

Id still be quick if I was you though :grin:

(Richard Cook) #35

(Richard Cook) #36

Sorry for the confusion all, we’re working on fixing the figure in the app.

And you can watch our progress live at :rocket:

Closing this thread now :slightly_smiling_face: