How easy will it be to sell shares back?

Hi guys,

Super excited to find out I’ll be successful in investing in Monzo next week! Just a quick question around selling shares. Is there any mechanism to sell shares? If so what is it? is there any documentation on it?



If you are thinking already about wanting or needing to sell shares back then I would question how many you are buying and suggest you buy less, certainly never buy what you can’t afford and even if you have the money ready on the day think if it will leave you short for the comming month ahead.

As the shares are not publicly traded they are harder to sell and should be regarded as a long term investment and not for short term speculation.

With many crowdfunding shares it can be possible to transfer ownership with the agreement of the nominees and the company. For example one document is signed between seller, buyer and nominee to note a change of beneficial owner, and another document done confirming the payment between the parties concerned. At least that is how it is done with Seedrs so assume similar process at Crowdcube.


Hi Richard,

I’m of course not in it for the short term gain. The Monzo product is great and in my mind is the future of banking.

I’ve successfully invested previously so am sure this will be the same if not more successful! Hoping I do get the investment!

This was simply out of curiosity.


If a Monzo investor wanted to sell their shares on privately (say, to me), is there anything legally binding that would stop them doing this? Has anyone explored this option already?

If this comment is better on another thread then please let me know.

Cheers :beers:

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