All-in-one Finance/Assets App - w/ Hargreaves Lansdown Connection?

Hi all

Is anyone aware of any Finance apps that have a Hargreaves Lansdown connection/feed?

I use Quickbooks (with banking feeds & rules) to get an automatic overview on my personal income/expenditure…

I’m now wondering if there’s a good app that has connections to a good amount of finance apps (most importantly Hargreaves Lansdown, but generally - banking providers, fund investing companies, p2p, crowdfunding etc), that will automatically be able to provide an overview of total assets?

As part of the income/expenditure exercise I did, I found that MoneyHub and Pocketsmith do, but I’m not keen on their layout.

Similarly, I’ve reviewed the following but they don’t have HL connections:
Sync, Onedox, Tink, Chip, Bankin, Plum, Grip, Emma, Money Dashboard, Yolt, Buxfer, YNAB.


n.b. I’ve asked HL but they said that because the connections aren’t something they provide nor authorise, it isn’t something they can disclose.

Moneyhub used to, but not sure if it still does in this new enlightened era of Open Banking.

If you find one, I’d be interested to know. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, try Lumio.

They have the most connections of any aggregator app I’ve used so far, including H&L. They even hold Student Finance.

Does student finance have another name in Lumio or something?

Just downloaded but not seeing it in the list of providers.

Is there a list anywhere of what they support? I just had a quick look on their website but I can’t see one.

Not sure outside the app.

I signed up and can then get to a list of all providers by going to add a new one and clicking ‘view all providers’.

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I’m on Android so very much can’t do that! Can chance of a screenshot at all? :pray:

Ah fair.

Hopefully this posts okay:


Amazing, thanks so much for that.

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Presumably they’re able to offer those connections because they use screen scraping rather than open banking APIs.

Are they claiming it’s ok to use screen scraping (does not go against regulations) for non-payment accounts like investment platforms?

Thanks Anzo - I’ll give it a try

I haven’t heard of Lumio before and can’t see a thread for it, how would you rate it in comparison to Yolt & Emma? Also, how trustworthy/secure do you think it is?