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Spun out of the conversation in this topic, that started like this:

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Does student finance have another name in Lumio or something?

Just downloaded but not seeing it in the list of providers.

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Is there a list anywhere of what they support? I just had a quick look on their website but I can’t see one.

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Not sure outside the app.

I signed up and can then get to a list of all providers by going to add a new one and clicking ‘view all providers’.


I’m on Android so very much can’t do that! Can chance of a screenshot at all? :pray:

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Ah fair.

Hopefully this posts okay:


Amazing, thanks so much for that.


Presumably they’re able to offer those connections because they use screen scraping rather than open banking APIs.

Are they claiming it’s ok to use screen scraping (does not go against regulations) for non-payment accounts like investment platforms?

Thanks Anzo - I’ll give it a try

I haven’t heard of Lumio before and can’t see a thread for it, how would you rate it in comparison to Yolt & Emma? Also, how trustworthy/secure do you think it is?

hi everyone!

a couple of people told me Lumio was mentioned in a few threads here! I am actually one of the founders of Lumio!

I dont want to spam your thread by answering every thing, so let me know if you have any questions, comments or feedback!

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hi @o99 ! I am actually one of the founders of Lumio. you are 100% right, we using screen scrapping in certain situations for non-payment accounts!

we are working with providers to switch over to APIs, some will be quicker than others.


Thanks for joining in.

Is it your understanding that for non-payment accounts there is no regulation against using screen-scraping?

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yeah, that is the current state of play. however, we are seeing momentum behind Open Finance, that could/would bring it into scope.

which would be amazing!

we are always API first, however, our vision is for the full holisitc picture! Sadly that means we have to use SS in some areas


Hi @tomr1! Commenter above said you had student finance but I can’t find them, am I missing something or are they not supported?

Unfortunately i wont download it because i dont want another app that can only show me 60% of all my finances.

Danske bank, student finance, moneybox lisa are the biggies youd need to onboard before id personally think about using it

Hi @nathanthomson8 - Charlie here, co-founder of Lumio

Totally understand and what you are looking for is our focus. Your full financial life, in one place. Quick update for you:

  • Danske bank is a live API.
  • Student finance connection is on our roadmap
  • Moneybox not far away either.

Would love to hear about any other products or services you would love to see available.
I’ll make a note to pop you an update when they come live!

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Do you offer integration with Trading 212 or Freetrade?

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Has only let me add 3 banks. And hitting the “overview” key crashes the app, and yes, I have uninstalled and reinstalled.

One for the recycling bin, methinks

Hi @welshguy99. Not right now but we are tracking all requests - I will add both to our priority roadmap and be in touch when they are live. Would love to have you test the connections.

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