Finary Alternatives?

So I have small amounts of money sat in different accounts. Everything from pensions and investments, to current accounts, credit cards, crypto etc.

I want to be able to see everything in one place, including if possible, house value vs mortgage. I hoped that one day Monzo would provide this type of wealth management, but it still hasn’t integrated with some popular apps like Nutmeg and PensionBee properly.

I’ve found a company online called Finary - They’re French, and have a US arm, but whenever I try to create an account, we switch to the French site and I’m unable to try out it’s services.

I wanted to know if there are any current programs / services that people here use and can recommend?


I use Emma, which supports lots of financial institutions and some crypto and investments companies, too. Anything that it doesn’t directly support, you can add manually.

You need to pay for the Pro version if you want the manual accounts, assets, etc.

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I’d suggest MoneyHub, which sounds like it’d do what you want. It has the biggest range of financial assets that I’ve found on any aggregator, with a nice clear net worth figure (which should actually be semi accurate as you can add almost any account).

It has a 6 month trial but after is £9.99 a year which I still think is a steal for the software, as it doesn’t bother you with ads for other products and doesn’t sell your data.

I think it’s crazy underrated.

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Signed up - Apart from some on-going trouble syncing with Coinbase, and the lack of integration with one of my pension providers, this was pretty straight forward. I would prefer a cleaner interface, because I don’t need the money management stuff really. More just an overview of everything.

But, it’s good as a free option! Thanks for the heads up, haven’t found anything better yet. So we’ll see how I get on with this

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Downloaded this and another that the App Store suggested called Money Dashboard Neon - It didn’t have as intuitive a set up as Emma, which is fine, but then when I actually started to try and sync accounts, it’s really slow. The app crashed a bunch of times too. It was the same story with the Money Dashboard option.

Thanks for the heads up! I’ll try again maybe in a few weeks with a new phone. Right now I’m just not having any luck with it.